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Basketball Player Statistics

National Basketball Association (NBA) & American Basketball Assocation (ABA)

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Basketball Historian's Database contains the statistics of players in the NBA and ABA through the 2004-05 season. Steals, blocked shots, and turnovers were not kept as official statistics until the 1970s and so may show as "0" for the early years. Just use our index above to find your favorite player or type the name in the search engine below.

First Name Last Name

Name Birthdate
Marc Iavaroni 9/15/1956
Andre Iguodala 1/28/1984
Zydrunas Ilgauskas 6/5/1975
Darrall Imhoff 10/11/1938
Tom Ingelsby 2/12/1951
Joel Ingram 8/31/1931
Erv Inniger 1/16/1945
Byron Irvin 12/2/1966
George Irvine 2/1/1948
Dan Issel 10/25/1948
Mike Iuzzolino 1/22/1968
Allen Iverson 6/7/1975
Willie Iverson 10/8/1945
Royal Ivey 12/20/1981
Elvin Ivory 7/2/1948

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